Top 3 Places To Visit in Beijing

The city of Beijing is eminent for its rich castles, sanctuaries, parks, gardens, burial places, dividers, and entryways. It has seven UNESCO World Legacy Locales, and people love to visit them.

The trip is vital to be proper and not very tiring so that you can see as much as possible in this beautiful city. This will provide you with good airlines that will take care of you while you are on the road.

If you are from Vancouver and want to see those attractions, you can travel using the great airlines Cathay Pacific. The better you travel, the better will your mood be when you are exploring.

Now let’s talk about what to explore. These are the best places you can visit in Beijing, so read carefully, because this list will be interesting.

  1. The Forbidden city

The Prohibited City was implicit in the mid-fifteenth century, and it’s a genuine noteworthy fortune and an unquestionable requirement on any Beijing schedule.

You’ll require a couple of hours to do this spot equity, as it’s loaded with magnificent nurseries, dazzling engineering, and living quarters of previous heads.

The one drawback of this marvelous spot is that it can get pretty occupied since it’s ostensibly China’s main fascination! We’d suggest arriving first thing.

The Prohibited City is colossal that it’s most likely wise to have a type of guide. In any case, any other way, you’ll be meandering around, not knowing what’s happening, and you may miss the absolute coolest or most significant shows.

Your legs will undoubtedly get worn out with all the strolling, yet assuming this is the case, you can generally stop in one of the bistros inside the dividers! The Prohibited City genuinely is probably the best spot to visit in Beijing.

  1. Beihai Park

This excellent park was a majestic nursery of the Jin Tradition in the twelfth century, yet presently it’s free for everybody to appreciate.

Beihai Park is one of the areas of interest in Beijing for exercises. On the off chance that you extravagant a relaxed walk or cycle alongside one of the concealed pathways in the recreation area, this is an ideal spot for you.

Likewise, the lake is an incredible spot for amusement, regardless of the period. Assuming that you’re visiting the recreation area in the late spring, make certain to take a duck boat out onto the lake and oar however much you might want.

All things considered, get your skates on and coast over the ice – incredibly, Beijing is cold enough for the lake to hold up over totally.

  1. The Great Wall of China

Did you really think that this list would be without the greatest attraction of them all? One of a handful of the artificial constructions that can be produced using space, no excursion to Beijing is finished without visiting the Incomparable Mass of China.

We comprehend that it’s somewhat far out of focal Beijing, yet it’s certainly worth the visit. Presently, it’s one of the most conspicuous tourist spots in Beijing, and strolling or climbing on the divider is an absolute necessity to do action.

What to do there: Badaling is the nearest part of the Incomparable Mass of China to Beijing. Normally, this makes it the most well-known part for vacationers, yet it has an extraordinary foundation.

To climb on the divider, you can partake in a streetcar ride. Mutianyu is somewhat further from Badaling and is pretty much as flawlessly reestablished as Badaling, yet you will not need to look at as many groups.

There are streetcars there as well, and it would be interesting for anyone to see. Different areas like Huanghua Cheng and Jiankou are reachable from Beijing as well.


These were the top three places that every tourist visits first when they come to Beijing. Make sure to bring everything you need to make your stay in Beijing unforgettable.

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