Star Trek vs. Superman: Who’s the Swiftest Sci-Fi Spacefarer? (Graphic)

If the fictional USS Enterprise raced the ship from “Battlestar Galactica” to the nearest star technique, which would get there first?

A new graphic from seeks to answer that problem, which appears like a usual opening argument in excess of beers. The graphic reveals fictional vacation times throughout the universe for spaceships from many sci-fi franchises as nicely as comedian-reserve characters such as Iron Gentleman and Superman.

When leaving Earth on a voyage to Alpha Centauri, it turns out, Galactica would get there in just 29 minutes, traveling at an regular velocity of 53.4 trillion miles for each hour (85.9 trillion kilometers for each hour). The USS Business from “Star Trek” would choose additional than 161 times, at a velocity of “just” 6.6 billion mph (10.6 km/h). [The 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Spaceships of All Time]

This enjoyable graphic from pits fictional spaceships and characters against every single other in races across the universe. (Graphic credit history: Travelmath)

To compute the blazing-rapidly speeds for the numerous figures and spaceships portrayed, consulted on line fan encyclopedias from distinct franchises. You can in fact race the sci-fi spaceships and fliers on to see who wins, with each race accompanied by its very own animation.

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